Cyberattackers this month brought down Internet access to Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, the New York Times, and many other companies by hijacking thousands of poorly protected devices and forcing them to overwhelm a key Web traffic hub with a barrage of messages.

You—in the form of your camera, printer, router, or other device—may have been one of the hapless recruits to the cybercriminals’ renegade army. If so, how would you ever find out?

The unwelcome signs, according to cybersecurity expert Chris Risley, include everything from sluggishness in your device’s performance, to mysteriously high data charges on your next smartphone bill, or—worst-case scenario—a federal agent knocking on your company’s door with a subpoena.

Risley, the CEO of Atlanta security company Bastille, is one of the cyber defense experts who have been analyzing an attack on Manchester, NH-based Internet performance management company Dyn, which was the target of a denial-of-service attack Oct. 21 that blocked Web traffic to its customers, such as Twitter.

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