Chris Rouland, founder and chairman of Bastille, the first Internet of Things (IoT) security company, announced the recruitment of new executives as part of the infrastructure development to grow the company from pilot phase to general availability.

Joining Bastille as CEO is Chris Risley. This will be the ninth venture-backed company that Risley has led. His previous startups have resulted in one IPO and five public company sales, including F5 Networks, Tibco, Symantec and IBM.

“I’m pleased that we were able to recruit a team of accomplished executives to complement our established team of IoT security experts,” said Rouland. “We’re attacking a security problem which requires both hardware and software development. In this complex technical environment, we need an executive team experienced at building companies to focus on scalable enterprise customer solutions.”

In addition to Risley, Bastille has added a new chief financial officer, chief revenue officer, vice president of engineering and director of vulnerability research.

Bastille’s new CFO, Betty Kayton, previously served as CFO for many early-stage Silicon Valley startups, including: DropBox, DropCam, Netli, Defense.Net and Mojave Networks. Acquirers for her startups have included: Google/Nest, Akamai, HP, Sophos, Groupon and PayPal.

Ivan O’Sullivan, CRO, has led sales and marketing in seven venture capital-backed security and enterprise data management startups, including: Defense.Net (acquired by F5 Networks), StreamBase Systems (acquired by Tibco) and ON Technology (IPO before acquisition by Symantec).

Joining Bastille as vice president of engineering is Kris Lamb. Prior to Bastille, Lamb served as vice president of engineering for Arbor Networks and as director of X-Force Research & Development for Internet Security Systems (ISS).

Balint Seeber also joins Bastille as director of vulnerability research. Seeber is formerly of Ettus Research, and played a key role in the ISEE-3 Reboot Mission, a citizen-led effort that succeeded in rebooting an abandoned 30-year-old satellite and putting it to good use.

Concurrent with the team expansion, Bastille is opening a Santa Cruz, California, office in addition to its existing Atlanta and San Francisco offices.

“I’m thrilled to be joining such a brilliant technical team while we are adding deep startup operating experience. When you insist on hiring the best people in the world, you put offices where those people want to live and work,” said Risley.