ATLANTA, June 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Always pushing the limits, KILL CLIFF, the maker of all-natural performance beverages, announces the launch of a brand-new full spectrum hemp-infused sports drink with 25mg of CBD. The revolutionary formula in the KILL CLIFF CBD drink delivers the high-quality hydration and replenishment KILL CLIFF is known for with the functional benefits of CBD.  KILL CLIFF CBD will initially be sold online and available in market in August. Pre-orders will start in July.

A disruptor in the industry, KILL CLIFF is proud to provide meaningful innovation in a category that has been quiet far too long. A growing number of KILL CLIFF’s most loyal fans – athletes and veterans – are integrating CBD into their lifestyle but continue to express concerns about the quality and consistency of products on the market.  They want brands they can trust and KILL CLIFF CBD is the answer, providing high quality ingredients in a functional beverage.

“We are excited to be the first national sports drink brand to bring a high-quality CBD beverage to the market.  This is by far the biggest emerging product category and for good reason,” said John Timar, Chief Operating Officer of KILL CLIFF.  “Many of our customers are already using CBD products, so we’ve designed this functional beverage to meet their needs.  Unlike many exclusively CBD-focused companies, we have scalable production capabilities and a large network of partners we can work with to serve our customers.”

Countless consumers use CBD to reduce anxiety, pain and inflammation as well as to ease muscle soreness.  “I attribute much of who I am and what I’m capable of doing to the power of that plant.  I have seen firsthand the benefits from integrating CBD products into my training and daily operating procedure,” says Sam Dancer, CrossFit Games athlete and former collegiate football player.  “At the highest level, athletes will engineer every aspect of their diet, training and lifestyle to increase overall performance and many are doing it with the help of CBD.”

Founded by a former Navy SEAL, the company has donated nearly $1million to military and veteran charities.  “Our commitment to give back to service members and their families means we are deeply engaged in this community,” said Timar. “Numerous veterans are experiencing relief from chronic pain and a real reduction in stress and anxiety from CBD products.  Creating a delicious CBD performance drink that meets their needs for hydration and recovery and gives back to the military community, brings it all full circle for us; and it is the right thing to do.”

Kill Cliff customers are in a constant pursuit to achieve peak performance in their lives. The ground-breaking formula in KILL CLIFF CBD utilizes the highest quality, full spectrum hemp infusion available and combines it with natural ingredients, including B vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, green tea caffeine and plant extracts to create the most powerful and effective performance drink on the market.

KILL CLIFF CBD provides 25 milligrams of CBD in each 12 ounce can with no sugar.  It will be available in Orange Kush flavor online in August. Learn more at